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A Year Abroad in Pictures: PhotoGallery

Ellie Bradbury in Madrid

Photos by Ellie Bradbury

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, imagine if we are talking about lots of them! Our Auxiliar de Conversación, Ellie Bradbury, shared pictures of the different things she has been able to do while staying in Spain with us.

Let’s walk through her adventure together! Let’s see a year abroad in pictures through our Auxiliar de Conversación’s -Ellie Bradbury’s- eyes!

Traveling: Experiencing Spain

Something tells us Ellie enjoyed her time in the South of Spain! While being here she got the chance to travel across the country. One of the best things about Spain is its well-connected transportation network which allows you to go pretty much everywhere without a car!

Meet New People

Even though solo traveling is great, it is fun to do it with friends. And, living abroad gives you the chance to meet so many people!

Have Your Friends and Family Visit You

If your family and friends are as lucky as Ellie’s, then they might get the chance to visit you! That way, you can share your new life with them and show them the coolest places!

Traveling Across Europe

However, with or without friends or family, and no matter where in Spain you are located, it gives you the chance to not only visit the country itself but to fly all across Europe. And, of course, Ellie decided to do so… and not just once!

And so many more!

Try New Foods

Or… in this case… drinks!

#ConversaSpain Experience

And, of course, Ellie got to immerse herself in Spain. She lived in a new place, got to meet people from different backgrounds, improved her teaching skills and, above all, had fun while doing it!

This is what a year abroad in pictures looks like! Or at least, how part of it was for Ellie. But, of course, every adventure is different, and a year abroad might not be the same for everyone. What we do know, though, is that it is totally worth it!

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