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ConversaSpain: Regions of Spain where Participating Schools are Located


ConversaSpain cooperates with schools in different locations across Spain. The program aims at improving the English level of students and teaching staff, and their exposure to other cultures.

Language Assistants from countries where English is the official language contribute to this objective with their knowledge of the English language and the culture of their home countries, and their enthusiasm.

The regional governments fully manage the placements and the relation with the schools, while ConversaSpain supports participants in the application process and with previous training, and gives advice about everyday practical matters.

Regardless of the region, Auxiliares de Conversación help students develop their English skills, mainly through conversation. They also explain their own culture with fun, informative classes; act as role models for pronunciation and grammar. Also, they assist other teachers and get involved in different extra-curricular school activities.

Although the role of the Auxiliar de Conversación in Spanish public schools is similar in every region, the conditions vary:


Community of Madrid

-16 teaching hours per week
-€1,000 monthly stipend
-Mostly early childhood, primary, and secondary schools
-Anywhere in the Community of Madrid: the capital city, its outskirts or towns (pueblos)
-Program length: 9 months (Oct-Jun)

Region of Murcia

-15 teaching hours per week
-€875 monthly stipend
-Mostly primary and secondary schools
-Anywhere in the Region of Murcia: cities, outskirts, towns (pueblos), and coastal villages
-Program length: 8 or 7 months (Oct/Nov-May)

Community of Castilla-La Mancha

-14 teaching hours per week
-€800 monthly stipend
-Mostly vocational colleges
-Anywhere in Castilla-La Mancha: mostly cities, outskirts and big towns
-Program length: 8 months (Oct-May)

Community of Castilla y León

-14 teaching hours per week
-€800 monthly stipend
-Primary and secondary schools
-Anywhere in Castilla y León: cities, outskirts and towns (pueblos)
-Program length: 8, 7 or 5 months (Oct/Nov/Jan-May)

Speaking Spanish is not a requirement
. Once in Spain, participants will have lots of opportunities to further their knowledge of the language. ConversaSpain offers the possibility of earning a 140-hour TEFL/TESOL certification while teaching.

Important dates and information:

Madrid October June  1,000/month 16/week
Murcia October or November May  875/month 15/week
Castilla-La Mancha October May  800/month 14/week
Castilla y Léon October, November or January May  800/month 14/week

What's included?

    • Private health insurance (non-EU participants) / EHIC coverage (EU participants)
    • Pre-departure assistance: help with the visa application process (UK passport holders included), help with consulates, or guidance processing your background check and medical certificates
    • Welcome Documents available on the ConversaSpain Online Platform:  step-by-step instructions to process legal documents, tips,  advice, and practical tools to get settled in your new destination,  among others
    • Customized webinars to address challenging aspects of the process
    • Help with the police registration process

    • Orientation in the region of destination: initial training and meeting with other participants

    • Support during our office hours for the whole duration of the program

    • Certificate of Completion at the end of the program issued by the school
    • Opportunity to join our network and be part of the community of participants before your arrival in Spain
    • Orientation in the region where they are placed: initial training and meeting with other participants

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